Backsaver spade

There is no getting around the fact that digging is hard work. I (mostly) love it, but I do get back ache after an afternoon digging. Now what if there was a back saving digging spade? Well, there is! Or used to be. Or, it’s back! I’ll get onto that in a moment. This backsaver spade is marvellous and does what it says on the tin.



This nifty little backsaving spade used to be common in the 70’s and early 80’s. They fell out of favour, probably because using a backsaver spade does not feel like using a normal spade. There is a small learning curve. But you know what, it works! It makes digger much easier and if you want to know how to stop back ache whilst digging, get this!

The backsaving space feels a little like riding a bike, in the sense the handles are like a bicycles. But don’t let that put you off. After a few seconds to get used to the backsaver spade, it feels as natural as using any other of your garden tools.

You push it the spade into the ground using your foot on the spring mounted foot rest. Then rather than bend forward, lift and turn like we are all use to, you rest the spring mounted foot peddle on the earth and the spring coil kicks into action and throws your clod of earth forward, turning as it goes. Genius! No bending, just push down and fling. Totally recommended.


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