Butterflies and Bumblebees is about my families journey to self sufficiency and self reliance on a modest amount of land. There are many reasons that are driving us towards self sufficiency, but the most basic reason is the price of food vs cost of living vs insane housing market vs stagnating income levels. The current capitalistic system (which I am not completely against at all) is marginalising people like us and making it increasingly difficult to survive. That is, not unless one wants to work until one is 75 with nothing but debt to show for it. It has become apparent to me and many of my peers that we are more vulnerable than ever in this unstable financial system. There are many other reasons, but that is the significant one – (hopefully) another layer of ‘protection’ in uncertain times.


Next season our self sufficiency plans will be on full throttle, after having had a couple of seasons of ‘dry runs’ to test just how viable it was to be self sufficient with a small piece of land.


I’m about to head the naysayers amongst you off at the pass. I know fully well it’s not possible to be fully self sufficient even on a generous amount of land. My aim is to be as self sufficient as possible; to be semi self sufficient in a meaningful way. We can’t grow grains, fuel and so on as obviously more land would be needed. But besides basics, semi self sufficiency has so far been an attainable goal. Not least because this household is vegan. Even if we weren’t, I imagine it would be very difficult being self sufficient and omnivorous on a small piece of land.


So this blog is a way to document and consolidate every thing I have learnt so far.