Pass The Rose Hips Honey!

This is the vicious and lovely Multiflora Rose. These beasty beauties have been known to rip man, woman, child and beast to shreds. Just try passing one at full throttle on a John Deere and see if you don’t agree. These bad boys beauties are wicked bad, but oh so good!

They do have a few redeeming qualities if you are cursed blessed to have one or two or a couple dozen. The rose hips are packed with Vit C….more Vit C than an orange.

I know, I can hear you saying, “no way”. “Yes way.” However picking these tiny little seed thingies is very labor intensive. I’m cursed blessed to still have one or two clusters of Multiflora Rose left on our back 40. Some believe that the madix was made for this lovely bush from hell and believe me it’s the only way to be rid of it. But, if you are cursed blessed as I am, please make use of it.

My one good standing is in the Blackberry patch (another blessing), so picking these tiny little things was another battle of flesh and blood. After getting a long thorn from this ugly lovely rose, under my thumb nail, I called it quites. I was blessed with 2/3 cup, but that was after I pulled the tiny little stems off. Which was another fun homesteading job! NOT!

Now that my finger tips are numb and calloused, I mashed the rosehips in my morter and pistal….you know, that thing we used in High School science class.

You have to admit they are a lovely shade of red. The birds love them too, so I didn’t wait until after the first frost to pick….otherwise, there might not of been any left. I know, at this point your asking yourself why I’m going to all this trouble when all I need to do is pull a bottle of Vit C off the shelf….they have rosehips in them too.

Well, I call this “Simple Living” or “The Simple Life w/o Paris Hilton”…. Sweet Girl, can’t quite imagine what I mean by that. She thinks that I go to way too much trouble to do this thing called life. The funny thing is she meets gals all the time who say, “oh I want to be just like your mom”. She says, “come on over”!

I digress. Once you’ve smashed your berries, you cover them with raw honey. Raw honey has live enzymes, just like raw milk or raw carrot juice or raw anything and thus adding even more vitamins and nutrients to your food. Make sure you buy your honey from a reputable source, local is preferred…..did you know that honey sold by….well, I won’t name them, but sold by some very well known places….if you were to ask them for their barrels the barrel would say something like….Product of CHINA or Vietnam and it will say, Honey & Corn Syrup!!!!!! I’m dead serious! So make sure it’s local raw honey!

Okay back to the rosehips….. It makes a yummy way to take Vit C. And you’ve spent hardly anything, except for the honey, which in my case I’m gonna eat anyway. If times ever get really hard for you and they are for many right now, you only need to look as far as your back door for Vit C. If you don’t have any rosehips nearby, Pine needles also are loaded with Vit C and you can make tea or boil in vinegar for another wonderful remedy.

Before you go and eat a spoonful of rosehips….beware that too much of any good thing is a bad thing. Too many rosehips will for sure give you a belly ache!

After leaving my rosehip honey sit for several months, it fermented!!! Oh yes, I made Mead, which is an alcoholic beverage made with honey!!! It’s so good. Strain off the rosehips and use the honey in tea or just eat it right off the spoon!

This post is a part of Frugal Fridays, pop over there and see what other folks are cooking up!

4 thoughts on “Pass The Rose Hips Honey!

  1. We always snack on these while hiking in the fall and winter…they taste like little apples to me.:) Very interesting information on how to use them.

  2. Whohoo! Mead vitamins! How slurpfully delicious! I know what your daughter is going through: my mom feels the same way. “Dear, they sell that in stores now, you know” is one of her favorite things to tell me. Ah, the mixed blessings and curses of DIY life.

  3. LOL Peggy!!! This morning I was watching the news and they had a super bowl cooking special on….she was talking about roasted chicken…”I guess you could do it yourself…but why bother!” I nearly rolled over laughing…why bother! Then another lady at pottery said, (as a side note we’re having a MAJOR blizzard this weekend!) “rotisserie chickens were 2/$10.00…hey it doesn’t get better than that!” I hated to tell her that it does!!! And oh yes…..yummy mead! I couldn’t make it when I tried….this tasted so yummy with rose hip flavor!

    Hi Mike, you make use of just about everything! I think it’s super when folks forage off the land.

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