Allotment tools, what do you need?

With thanks to Akuppa John Wigham and Creative Commons

I've recently been discussing on a forum just how much running an allotment costs. The consensus seems to be that it's expensive to have an allotment. The majority felt it did not save them money on food. I have to say, this confuses me. I use my allotment to be … ... READ THE REST

How to start an organic garden


There was a time when if you said 'I garden organically' to a fellow gardener you'd be met with a very strange look. True, organic gardeners were once met with a certain kind of derision, but now many people have latched on to the organic movement. With regular news updates … ... READ THE REST

Backsaver spade


There is no getting around the fact that digging is hard work. I (mostly) love it, but I do get back ache after an afternoon digging. Now what if there was a back saving digging spade? Well, there is! Or used to be. Or, it's back! I'll get onto that … ... READ THE REST

Beehive compost bin


SEE RANGE BEEHIVE COMPOSTERS BINS HERE - CLICK HERE   I love beehive compost bins. I can't tell whether it's because I love all things to do with compost, that I only have had plastic compost bins before, or just because they are the Rolls Royce of compost bins and … ... READ THE REST