Simple Joys


If it cries, feed it.

If it barks, let it out.

If it itches, scratch it.

I can grow just about anything outside.

I kill houseplants.

My rosemary sat outside well past it’s time this winter. Yet, it still thrived.

So I brought it in. Believing it wanted to live.

I walk past it multiple times daily.

And then I saw a miracle.

It was sprouting new leaves!

This is a pure simple JOY.

It makes me smile every time!

Sheep Sheep & More Sheep!


Finley is ALWAYS ready to pose for the camera! He is a Mama’s boy alllll the wayyyyy!


LuLu LOVES to have a few or MORE scratches!!! Her fleece is gorgeous! Her breeder sheared her before I bought her but OH MY!!! The Staple length is about 3-4″ long and the crimp is beautiful!!! I’m so going to love to see her sheared in March!!!

Naked Sheep!!!


A rare glance at the camera from Duncan….he is a super shy boy!!! But I love him. He is pure Finn and his fleece is also to die for gorgeous!!! All of my wether boys have really nice fleeces! :)


Big girl Violet had to come in for some scratches too….she is my 250-300# Dorset and she is a love bug!!!


Finley’s fleece is absolutely gorgeous. I “think” he is considered a Blue FinnSheep. There are so many variations of the genetics in Finn that well….this girl doesn’t get most of it!

This morning we are joining up with the Simple Saturday Blog Hop!